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Gallery Folders

Gehenna Island by purenightshade
Tarot upgrades by purenightshade
Tarot card border by purenightshade
Gehenna City's Flag by purenightshade
Character references
[TS] Sailor Boruta: Reference by Snowshi
TS: The Hermit by Diluculi
Tarot Neophyte/Senshi Recruit, Andraste by SailorLunarAngel
TS - Sailor Thrax by Wildnature03
Single Characters
AT: Sailor Fides by WinchestersManor
Those Eyes: Sailor Fide by StefBani
Multible Characters
The Two Cards of Fate by StefBani
TS 1: Civilian Form by SetsunaLove
Task 4: A pretty little flower by StefBani
Task 1: Silvia Albu by StefBani
TS quest 4: Symbol of Power by Kujjles
TS Event: Wedding Belles! by StefBani
EVENT - Wedding Belles by purenightshade
TS: Wedding Belles by SetsunaLove
Shut Up and dance with me by goddess-of-the-moon1









Our Story

When the artificial island of Gehenna was being constructed, the process woke an entity trapped on the ocean floor. In his anger, he lashed out at the unsuspecting people living on the island.

His actions weren’t enough to draw the attention of the locals, but for two overly aware senshi who knew what to look for it was cause for alarm. His exact identity was a mystery to them, but they had their suspicions as to who he was.

Sailornanshe had been entrusted with a deck of cards at a young age. It was a strange deck as it was incomplete. One of the missing cards was hers, another could be explained as it was in the possession of her friend and colleague (The Fool), but there was a third missing card and that bothered her. With the strange occurrences on Gehenna Island, both of them agreed that it was likely that the missing card and it’s corresponding senshi were responsible.

There was no chance of the two of them being able to take on this threat alone so they decided to awaken the Tarot senshi. They made their way to Gehenna City. Standing on the tallest building she could get to, Nanshe opened the box containing the remaining cards into the sky, knowing that they could only be found by their proper owners.

Welcome to Tarot Senshi!

:bulletyellow: The Rules
1.) Joining up is as easy as clicking the join button. You will be automatically accepted as a member.
2.) This is a group for Sailormoon fan characters based on the cards of the Tarot.  
3.) When you submit art, please put it in the correct folder. If a folder isn't open, feel free to note the group and we will get that folder open ASAP.
4.) Art theft of any kind will not be tolerated by the group. No tracing or doll makers, please. We will allow the use of bases as long as the base maker is credited properly.
5.) Gift art and commissions you have done of your character may be submitted to the group, though they will not count towards your point total.
6.) In the event of a conflict with a group member, please note the admins so it can be dealt with. We have a low tolerance for bullying/flaming/etc. You will receive a single warning. Further offences will result in a ban from the group.

:bulletyellow: Character Creation
1.) Male and female characters are allowed.
2.) You may only claim one character for the time being from the list. More character slots may become available if the need arises.
3.) Adopted characters are allowed so long as they can meet the character guidelines.
4.) Follow the guidelines listed in the Character Ranks and Requirements journal.

:bulletyellow: Creation FAQ
Just to clear up a few things.
1. Sailor name. These are to be taken from some element of mythology. Gods, goddesses, heroes/heroines, creatures, etc. Characters are not to be named in any way after their tarot card.

2. Latent ability. This is something they can do that directly pertains to the myth you chose for their senshi name. It's not something they can actively control.

3. Housing district. What part of the city do they live in?

4. No collars/armor/weapons until your character has leveled up.

5. None of the schools on Gehenna have uniforms.

Any questions that should be answered here?

More Journal Entries


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